Bootstrap 4 css framework Flat Kit

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Bootstrap 4 css framework, Angular JS and frameworks, libraries, assets, utilities and more.

Flatkit is just what your customers what to use.

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Tools. Grunt, Bower, Sass, Git, we made it easy for development. you can use hundreds of Grunt plugins to faster your app.
Variant – Unlimited colors, You can apply any colors on any blocks, even on the light, grey, dark, black themes.


  • Bootstrap 4 3.x css framework
  • AngularJS framework
  • Html version with Ajax
  • Grunt task for professionals
  • Bower package manage
  • Sass
  • Unlimited colors
  • Light, Grey, Dark, Black themes
  • 6 pre-build layouts
  • Modern design, not just a admin
  • Git distributed version control
Base on the world’s most popular css framework Bootstrap 4 and the popular js framework AngularJS, Flatkit provide the easy way to build your next web project.

Build Tools

Flatkit uses Grunt for its CSS and JavaScript build system, it’s optional, you can use this theme without grunt tools, we included all the dependencies in this theme.

  1. Download and install Node, which wthey use to manage  dependencies.
  2. Run npm install -g bower grunt-cli
  3. Run bower install --force-latest to install dependencies
  4. Run grunt build to build dist with minified js and css
  5. Run npm start to start server

Note: any commands we tell you to run must be ran from the project’s root folder.

What’s included

You’ll find the following directories and files, grouping common resources and providing both compiled and minified distribution files, as well as raw source files.


Flatkit App UI Kit


poorly written instructions


Use jquery alot when can use native angular


OK for price


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